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The headgear has always been very important since the most ancient times, as a system of recognition and belonging: the Egyptian god of eloquence Mercury for example, recognizable by his winged hat, or native Americans' tribal chiefs who adorned their heads with large feathers to flaunt their position as boss, or even today Italian Bersaglieri or Alpini who identify more for their hat for the color of their uniform, or motorcycles and F1 sportsmen who paint their helmet much of the rest of the suit or wear a hat with the sponsor's name.
This is due to the fact that the hat is in plain sight, and to put it on means to appear clearly in front of all.
The modern hat was born in France in 1300. It arrived in Italy after 100 years, in the whole country, driven by the need to protect from sun or cold the most important part of our body: the head. At the beginning they used recycled materials such as felt and straw, which still represent a type of processing the hat, then they also used scrap of fabric sewn together.

Our story is common to many other companies born at the beginning of the last century. With great splendor periods, and others a little 'less sparkling. We have come, more or less immune to all the great tragedies that have marked the twentieth century, also riding all periods of large pickups. We were born from the intuition or rather the initiative of a man named Enea Conti, a professional mason, who wanted to recover scraps of fabric, which his wife sold at the market, he decided to transform them into "caps".

Enea ContiYou can call it chance or fate if you want... It is the thin line that separates the accidental discovery by the fulfillment of a destiny. We owe him the beginning of a passion lasted a century, we owe him the love for a tradition handed down for four generations, and to him we have dedicated a "cap" made strictly according to his design. Nothing but a charcoal sketch, found out while cleaning up old folders. And today, after a hundred years, what you'll see among the new collection is the exact copy of the first "cap" made by Facopel, reproduced in limited edition, only for your best customers. The name of this project could not be other than hes creator's name:

Enea Conti

100 yearsOur great anniversary was celebrated at the gala evening during the Mipel, in March 2008 in Milan. The president, Giorgio Cannara, gave us a plate to our career. Another way to remind, if you need it, the tenacity, the desire and reliability that our company has been pursuing for over a hundred years in producing collections of hats and caps that are always new. Never losing the identity as hatters that we claim with pride, trying to turn this accessory, sometimes forgotten or confused with some low quality stuff, into a real piece of clothing.
The hat in general, our in particular, has suffered the invasion of Chinese products 30 years ago, all the sports products made ​​in China, Thailand, Vietnam etc.. for example. Forcing us to develop an extreme specialization and a quality of product and material always higher. The choice we made ​​over 15 years ago is to collaborate with fashion houses, that is, to offer these great brands in the fashion world, all our experience in the hats' field. We kept also our own line with the name Luca Della Lama, identified by a careful research of materials, a continuous shape innovation, respect for our traditions for a total quality concept also in the service offered to all our customers.

Mipel PrizeAll these values ​​have naturally led to the rediscovery of natural fibers. For four seasons, we have been offering our entire collection of fabrics and leathers following the biocompatible philosophy, rejecting all that considerable part of synthetic materials that are not originated by recycling. Accorting to us, this new concept of extreme quality can not live regardless of these choices: Italian style and craftsmanship, an extreme attention to the raw materials used to be strictly biocompatible. These choices have led us to receive in the 97th Mipel 2010, the award for best accessory company in the search for new materials and original solutions in the use of natural fibers. A breakthrough in the creative path of the brand Luca Della Lama.

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